Review of Tuned by Brad Richard

Excerpt: “My favorite thing in a poem is surprise. My other favorite thing in a poem is whatever I find when I re-read the poem and it still surprises me. I’ve been reading and re-reading Kyla Houbolt’s Tuned (Sedition Editions/CCCP Chapbooks, 2020) and I am very happily surprised.”

Review of Dawn’s Fool by Alina Stefanescu

Excerpt: “In Dawn’s Fool, I feel like Kyla Houbolt gives us a post-pastoral form, or a pastoralia of close ties, influenced by ecopoetics’ attention to ecology. The pastoral form is rooted in the Latin word, pastor, which means “shepherd”, and implies a relationship between the human and other forms of life. While the pastoral uses artificiality to achieve its critical social distance, Houbolt allows the distance to emerge naturally, without artifice, in the tension of relations between species.”