Everybody Try Flying

I had a blog once before, for a while. It was called “Everybody Try Flying” and the tagline was “Spending this life getting free.”

I started that blog at a time when my life had exploded into little pieces and I hoped to chronicle my “overcoming” in a way that would support and entertain my readers. I had, at peak, I think maybe 120 followers or so. I enjoyed the process of the blog, but my life did not fly as I hoped it would; instead the plunge into darkness took me deeper and very close to full despair. I stopped being able to find anything much to write about, and I let the blog die; the number of followers had already dropped way down from those earlier numbers.

So this one will be sporadic, most likely, and will not have a theme. Unless I change my mind.

I’ll try to keep some activity going here though; it’s a way to keep my fingers limber at the least.

Welcome here, and thanks, as always, for reading my words.