If you like my work and appreciate what I do, and find a few extra bucks in your pocket from time to time, here’s how a donation will help: I live on a tiny retirement income, can’t afford my own place or to support a vehicle. For all writing I rely on a chromebook, and have been through a series of used ones. This one here was purchased new using some of that first stimulus check most of us in the U.S. got once and it’s the cheapest one I could find. The chromebook makes it impossible for me to structure a manuscript or format one properly and to date I have relied on the help of good friends to do those tasks. (This very website was built for me by one of those good friends!) So it would free me up greatly to upgrade my equipment. I need a sturdy, fully functional laptop, and I need a printer. I don’t have a dollar amount as a goal because at this point, it’s a dream, and also, if I manage to acquire those (and possibly also pay for software licensing) there are submission fees that, while individually not much, taken in any reasonable number become more of an expense than I can afford. As well, the purchase of books is often beyond my means.

So if you can spare a few bucks, it will go to support my work one way or another. And I pay forward.

Thank you for reading and for supporting my work in any way you can.