Spending This Life

It’s one way to answer Mary Oliver’s question. “Spending this life getting free” was the tagline on my old blog (years defunct now). In reality it’s been more “spending this life trying to figure out how to get free and what do I mean by that anyway?”  I’ve spent my life well, I think, though …

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Is Truth Friendly?

The Bob Dylan line, “to live outside the law you must be honest” is one that comes to mind often–a favorite. For one thing, it scans beautifully, so it’s a pleasure to run the mental fingers over. The sonics are satisfying. But more than that it’s evocative of that space outside the bounds of the …

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“You don’t know how far you’re going to have to go to be.” — Ashok Karra

Here’s a thing. This fine person wrote an entire blog post reflecting on his experience of reading my poem, ‘Mirror’. He read that poem in a review of Tuned, not in the book itself, as he didn’t have a copy (we have since sent him one.) I can’t tell you how delighted I was to …

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Facing Down Love

kissing the differencebetween the ride and the wishboneis called “crossing the road” I get motion sicknessjust thinking aboutstarting over some days I runlike a stupid athletein the teeth of evil weather lying down feels betterif you don’t thinkabout those whirligigs brain cells have issueswith the skull boneof no escape it is so hardto imagine anythingcolorless …

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In Your (My) Pocket

A Twitter mutual, @emilyfmaloney, recently tweeted this: “…writing is a lifetime, not one book, or essay, or review. It’s almost a relief: you will always have it, even if you think you don’t. It’ll be there. You can fold it up in your pocket and take it with you, forever, I swear.” As hard as …

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