Kyla Houbolt’s TUNED warms to the touch of particular life—the memory of singing frogs, weather “hot as the inside / of a mad devil’s ear,” a vacant two-story building. Openness and a crisp perspective characterize these poems as they acrobatically tumble and play. Even so, there is steadiness to the attention of this collection and no stinting of love; not for the changing climate, or a hungry goat and a boy—not for “the smallest whale sounding / her delicate spout reflected / in bright cloud bellies.” Houbolt’s poems are a joy; floating songs caught with silken threads.

Hannah VanderHart, author of What Pecan Light

“If bees followed me / I would carry them all on a kite,” Kyla Houbolt writes. Like John Clare, she is a poet of feeling and experience, and her imagination is intact. It would be foolish not to pay attention.

Jordan Davis, author of Shell Game